1.Explain the concept or goal of the game.
Give your players a preview and overview of how the game works. You may even want to start with a brief summary of the game or the game world’s history. It should be brief and help players understand the objective that follows. For example, if your game centers on warring countries:[2] The summary will explain why the two countries are at war. They used to be a single country, but one part rebelled. Now both countries are using all available resources to win the revolution. The game’s objective is to win your side’s revolution.

2.Read over your game instructions.
Wear the hat of someone who doesn’t know anything about your game. Be honest with yourself and take note of how well you would understand these instructions. Do you not explain the objective well enough? Are you using second person and active voice consistently? Do you understand how the setup, turns, and winning work? If there are trouble spots make note of these areas and revise. Your instructions should be easy to understand so people can play your game as soon as possible.